"So what do you investigate?"
February 12, 2019 at 12:00 AM

The most common question I get when the topic of my career comes up is some variation of "So what do you investigate?" People who have never needed the services of a private investigator understandably find it difficult to imagine why they would.

​The two most common types of cases in the industry are insurance fraud and infidelity - yet thousands of PIs make quite comfortable livings without ever touching those types. Let's examine them anyway.

An Insurance Fraud case could be Workers' Compensation or Disability, possibly the most common. Or, it could be a faked burglary, fire, or other covered loss, Private investigators may conduct surveillance on a supposedly-injured person, inspect the scene of an alleged burglary, or interview witnesses or the insured. Most people never worry about fraud cases - but it's a multi-billion dollar problem, and it raises your premiums.

Infidelity cases are almost as common, and are the other half of the stereotypical view of what PIs do. And we do a lot of them. A typical infidelity case begins when a spouse notices unusual or uncharacteristic behavior. No longer lipstick on the collar and only rarely suspicious phone calls, most often it's "(S)he's acting funny." Whether it's different phone habits, more or less intimacy, or any one of several other things, spouses can tell. Women who suspect their husbands enough to hire a private investigator are right 85% of the time. 

Child Custody cases are fraught with emotion, While the specific details of how a child is being treated may not be discoverable, surveillance may help provide clues that can bolster the case,

Missing Persons cases are among my personal favorites, Sometimes it's minors, sometimes elders, but always there's a very worried client and a lot more satisfaction when the case is successfully resolved. related to missing persons cases are basic locates, where someone wants to get in touch with an estranged parent or child. These are almost as satisfying as actual missing persons.

Bail Recovery is just a missing person who doesn't want to be found. While Arizona law makes things a lot more tame than in my days chasing skips (people who've "skipped" bail) in Los Angeles, it's still a hunt, and there's no thrill like the moment you find the prey.

​A Background Check may be as simple as a query of specialized databases, or as sophisticated as travel to each place the subject has lived and record searches and interviews of friends, neighbors, and associates in each of those places. 

Many private investigators also provide process service. Here at Venator we don't keep a process server on staff, but we maintain a close working relationship with a very solid process server who can get the job done efficiently.

A Word About Specialization:Many investigative agencies specialize in one sector of the industry or one aspect of the investigative process. Venator believes that your questions should be answered with just one stop. If we don't have the expertise needed for all parts of a thorough investigation, we have an extensive list of contacts who can help you find the clarity you need. 

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