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How Can a Private Investigator Help You

Most people will live their entire lives without ever needing to hire a private investigator.

Well, not really. Most people will live their lives without ever hiring a private investigator. Need, however, is more subjective. Many who don't, don't because they're unaware of all the ways their path in life could be smoothed over by the information a private investigator can provide. Let’s go over some of the common and not-so-common ways Venator could help you.


As contentious as some divorces can be, anyone forced to endure one would be well-advised to outfit themselves in the armor of full knowledge of their former partner and current adversary. While many states’ legal codes provide for “no-fault” divorce, even in those states it is prudent to avoid surprises in the process.

Child Custody

Similarly to (and frequently concurrent to) a divorce, the advantage in a child custody case goes to the party with more information. Knowing that your former spouse smokes with the children in the car, drinks and drives, leaves the children at home alone, or frequently brings home strangers – and not only knowing, but having the evidence to prove it to the judge, can make all the difference.

Dating Fraud or ”Catfishing”

Many lonely Americans have lost many thousands of dollars, in some cases their entire life savings, by sending money to a person they think they’re in a real relationship with. A private investigator can check names, pictures, and any other information provided by the prospective partner to see if they’re being truthful.

Missing Persons

We’ve all seen television shows or movies where someone goes missing and the police claim they can’t do anything for 72 hours. While this is no hard rule, it’s true that most jurisdictions can’t take action until a specified period of time has passed, unless there’s solid evidence of foul play. A private investigator can be more responsive and remain dedicated to your case until your loved one is found.

Property Damage/Burglary

A business owner suffering vandalism, other property damage, or burglary may have a video surveillance system in place that provides a measure of security. Unfortunately, older systems frequently have blurry video because the cameras are out of focus, the lenses are scratched or dirty, or the definition is just too low. If those problems are avoided, it’s still just a video of an unidentified person entering the property, causing damage or stealing, and leaving. A private investigator can get better video, catch a plate number, or even follow the vandal until they can be identified and/or arrested.


Whatever the reason someone owes you money, sometimes it doesn’t end when the judge rules in your favor. Sure, you got the judgment, but how do you make them pay you? If they’ve hidden their assets, a private investigator can uncover them so you can collect what’s owed to you.

Employee Theft

In the case of employee theft, many companies have ended it by hiring a private investigator to work undercover as an employee and establish a rapport with the suspected thief or the workforce in general, and collect enough evidence to get the thief fired or prosecuted.

Retail Loss Prevention

While a dedicated loss prevention department is better for large stores with ongoing shrinkage concerns, smaller stores with sudden patterns of theft can avoid lengthy and expensive contracts by hiring a private investigator on a short-term basis to accomplish the same thing. Also, a private investigator can look deeper into a problem in ways that an in-store loss-prevention associate could not.


Whether online or directly, threats and/or harassment are not to be taken lightly. Threats could become action and harassment has in fact led to suicide. A private investigator can help with identifying the offender and properly documenting the threats or harassment.

Background Checks

Whether it’s a prospective employee, parents of your child’s friends, or a possible serious relationship, a background check can reveal the dangers or deceptions that are so prevalent in these times.

Murder/Wrongful Death

Even in these most high-profile of cases, sometimes the police just don’t have the resources or can’t give the proper priority to the death of your loved one. A private investigator can “fill in the gaps” without being pulled in other directions by other cases or political concerns.